openWIS road weather station in Flachau

Since December 2015 a new road weather station by JES informs the road operator about the current weather at and the road condition on the bridge E21 in Flachau, Austria. By its exposed location the risk of road icing is extremly high. The road operator ASFINAG monitors the road consition at such critical spots permanently to be able to bring out the optimum amount of salt at the right time.

During the renovation of the bridge by the general contractor SSB Sanierung Straße Brücke Bau GmbH JES as a sub contractor established this new road weather station according ASFINAG’s openWIS standard. The road weather station is located on the south end of the bridge and allows to measure:

  • Air temperature and relative humidity
  • Precipitation type and intensity
  • Road surface temperature
  • Freezing temperature
  • Road condition

The road sensors are located remotely from the road weather station in the road surface of the bridge such that the road condition is monitored at the spot having the greatest risk of icing.

Together with the road weather station JES also established the access point required to connect the road weather station to the operator’s backbone network.