Project reports

JES sensors for new tunnels in Bavaria

The Aubergtunnel shortly opening for traffic will be one of a couple of new tunnels in Bavaria that will be equipped with sensors from JES. The 440 m long Aubergtunnel relieves of Altenmarkt an der Alz near the Chiemsee lake of heavy traffic now rolling through it centre.
2020-10-19/by Rene Jung

smart/Sensor architecture in Traffic Technology Today

The July edition of the renowned magazine Traffic Technology Today on page 37 reports on JES' new smart/Sensor architecture.
2020-07-01/by Rene Jung

Mælefjell Tunnel in Telemark

The 9,355 m long Mælefjell Tunnel is a road tunnel on the E134 between Gvammen and Århus. Luminance meters t/LUM and gas sensors t/ECS-A for CO and NO2 have been installed and have strengthened the position of JES in Norway.
2019-12-19/by Rene Jung

Traffic Technology Today features article on Effective and Efficient Tunnel Monitoring by JES

2019-07-30/by Rene Jung

Golden Camera for STRABAG – 3000th luminance meter

STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions was awarded a golden camera last Friday. The 3000th JES luminance meter was handed over at the Gräberntunnel.
2018-11-21/by Rene Jung

Kaisermühlentunnel passes ventilation tests

2018-06-30/by Rene Jung

New road weather stations for Carinthia

2017-10-27/by Rene Jung

A9 Tunnel chain Klaus – Four new tunnel tubes opened for traffic

2017-10-03/by Rene Jung

Luminance meters for the Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway

2017-08-02/by Rene Jung

A1 Tunnel Liefering – Renovation completed

2016-12-01/by Rene Jung

2500th t/LUM luminance meter handed over

2016-03-10/by Rene Jung

openWIS road weather station in Flachau

2016-02-23/by Rene Jung