JES International Webinar

JES International Webinar with lectures on JES smart products, tunnel measurement methods and requirements for sensors from user perspective.

On October 13, 2022, the first international JES webinar „Smart/SENSORS for Better Tunnelsafety – JES, we can!“ took place.

Already the high number of registrations after publication of the date signaled the great interest of the tunnel safety community in the topic of smart tunnel safety solutions. With more than 120 participants, the almost two-hour seminar was then a great success.

In addition to the presentation of the JES company, the JES products and the smart network architecture for tunnel sensors, there was a presentation by René Jung on the ‚Basics of Tunnel Monitoring‘ and a real-time maintenance of the visibility and gas sensor smart/AQM.

The DURAGGROUP and the worldwide DURAG Sales Network were presented by DURAG Sales & Service Director Fabien Burato.

The program was complemented by presentations on practical requirements and implementations by JES partners from Switzerland, Brazil and Croatia.

Veronika Petschen (SCAUT), Rune Brandt (HBI) and Özcan Celebi (Siemens) presented the Tunnel Digitalization Center in the Hagerbach test tunnel facility (CH). There, starting at the end of the year, smart sensors from JES will be integrated into the digital tunnel network and will be available for demonstrations and showings.

Ricardo M. Rodriguez reported on tunnel project Rodovia dos Tamoios, which went into operation this year and where JES sensors ensure energy-efficient and safe tunnel operation in Brazil’s longest road tunnel.

JES Partner Mladen Tomljanovic from NABLAplus gave vivid information about the integration capability of JES sensors into existing tunnel infrastructures in tunnel refurbishment projects in Croatia.

On this occasion, many thanks again to the presenters and the exciting contributions to the webinar.

Unfortunately, not all of the many questions could be answered in the two Q&A sessions, so open questions were answered by email afterwards.

The webinar has been recorded and is available on demand at the JES youtube channel. Simply contact and request access to the video. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The great success of the event has led to the fact that JES will invite to such an event every two years at the latest. On this occasion we would like to inform you about our “JES Tunnel Symposium” which is held every two years in Austria, next in autumn 2023.

If you are interested in experiencing our sensors/devices live and exchanging ideas with our experts, please let us know. We can arrange a web meeting or welcome you in Hallein/Austria or at the Tunnel Digitalization Center in Hagerbach/Switzerland.