Visibility and fog measurement

The sensor uses the principle of forward light scattering to measure the meteorological optical range.

The transmitter on one side emits light that is scattered by particles in the air. The receiver on the other side receives light that has been scattered at an angle of 39° to 51°. The visibility range is calculated according to the intensity of this light.

The unique design ensures that visibility measurement is reliable, accurate and unaffected by local light sources in all weather conditions.

The heated windows and hoods allow use in extreme ambient conditions. Both windows are monitored for contamination and the measurement result is compensated to reduce maintenance requirements.

The sensor is ideal for measuring fog and visibility in road traffic applications. With a measuring range of 10 m to 40 km, it can also be used in air traffic and in meteorological observation networks. The measurement accuracy exceeds the ICAO specifications for visibility in METAR and RVR applications.

A plug-in for integration into ASFINAG’s openWIS weather stations is available for the sensor.

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w/MOR Visibility sensor

  • Visibility sensor based on the principle of forward light scattering
  • 10 m to 7.5 km measuring range
  • Heated hoods and windows
  • Comprehensive self-test
  • Windows monitored for dirt and foreign bodies (e.g. spiders)
  • Optional ambient light sensor
  • RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interface
  • Automatic or query operation
  • Analogue output available


Product info DE (PDF, 450 kB)
Product info EN (PDF, 457 kB)
RVS Konformitätserklärung DE (PDF, 248 kB)


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