JES at Tunnel Digitalization Center

Özcan Celebi (SIEMENS AG), Teena Wieser (SIEMENS AG) and Rune Brandt (HBI Haerter AG) in front of control center of TDC. Foto: JES

The challenge of simplifying complex processes

JES smart/sensors are now part of the Tunnel Digitization Center (TDC). The TDC uses the infrastructure of the Hagerbach Test Gallery (CH) to build a bridge from the real to the digital world.

There, the TDC offers the unique opportunity to experience the interaction and transformation from real to digital live in the tunnel. New technologies and innovative concepts can thus be demonstrated on a 1:1 scale, leading to a better understanding of complex operations and processes and, in its application, to high cost efficiency.

At the TDC, the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) is working with its consortium partners to create a complete digital twin of the tunnel infrastructure installed there or of the tunnel itself.

In a BIM Center (Building Information Modeling), a Control & Training Center, a Simulation Center and a Cloud Center, all possibilities of construction, visualization, control of operations as well as data acquisition and evaluation are applied and presented here.

“With JES, we have now found the right partner with the appropriate technology for tunnel measurement devices,” says Özcan Celebi from SIEMENS AG, responsible for the digital interface to the digital twin, after the decision to integrate JES tunnel measurement devices in the TDC.

On November 29, 2022, the time had come. In just a few hours, the TEAMs of the Hagerbach Test Gallery, SIEMENS AG, HBI Härter AG and JES Elektrotechnik installed and commissioned the JES smart/sensors in the TDC. Plug ‘n’ Play at its best.

Three smart/AQM for visibility, CO and NO2 measurement, one smart/FL-DP for airflow and temperature measurement, and one smart/HUB for data acquisition and processing were mounted, wired and integrated into the SIEMENS automation environment. There, the smart/sensors can now be read, controlled and also remotely maintained via the JES smart/CONTROL IoT platform.

However, the TDC in Hagerbach is not only a showroom for the digital application possibilities of the JES smart/sensors but also a development environment to further develop the JES smart/architecture with exciting partners. JES would like to thank especially Teena Wieser (SIEMENS AG), Özcan Celebi (SIEMENS AG), Hugo Kessler (VSH), Rune Brandt (HBI Haerter AG) and Veronika Petschen (SCAUT) for their support on all levels.

Visits to TDC are always possible by appointment and we are happy to present our sensors in operation there. We also organize visits with partners and customers on request. But also the TDC itself always offers occasions and possibilities for on-site meetings with exciting events on different topics. It’s worth taking a look at the calendar of events.

Installed JES sensors at the TDC:

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