Traffic signal monitoring

Traffic signals in tunnels are essential to influence the traffic in case of danger or incidents. The states of traffic signals have to be monitored to ensure tunnel safety.

Traffic signals in a tunnel are controlled by the tunnel control system which is connected to the traffic signal controller via common PLC inputs and outputs. The traffic signal controller switches the traffic signal states (red, yellow, green) according to commands from the tunnel control system and reports back the actual operational state of the traffic signal.

In case of defects (open circuit, defective lamp) an error is indicated. Illegal operational states (e.g. red and green) are avoided, in such cases the traffic signal shows flashing yellow.

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t/SIG Traffic signal controller

  • Controlling and monitoring of traffic signals through PLC
  • Monitoring of LED modules when switched on
  • Monitoring of conventional lamps when switched on and switched off
  • Monitoring for open circuit
  • Avoidance of illegal traffic signal states
  • Support of night dimming
  • Operation and fault indication for every signal (red, yellow, green) and sum fault indication by digital outputs
  • Versions for 1-, 2- or 3-state traffic signals available
  • Visible LEDs in the front panel to indicate the signal states
  • Traffic light controller as 19-inch slide-in 3 HE, 8 TE
  • PCB as eurocard
    (acc. DIN 41494, Teil 2)
  • Pluggable into multipoint connector DIN 41612 H7/F24
  • Traffic light controller with front panel and LEDs
  • Multipoint connector DIN 41612 H7/F24 in 19-inch rack or on top-hat rail
  • Transformer to support night dimming
  • Specifically developed for application in and in front of tunnels
  • 1-, 2- or 3-state signal versions in same format
  • 19-inch slide-in technology for easy and quick exchange
  • Versions for conventional lamps can be exchanged for LED versions if traffic signals are replaced
  • Visible LEDs to indicate signal states and faults
Technical Specifications
Traffic signal controller for LED traffic signals
Type t/SIG-3-230-FUTURLED3-DIM
Channels 3
Dimmable Ja
Operating voltage 196..253 V (day) / 150 V..170 V (night, dimmed)
Nominal power min. 8 W / 4 W per channel
Lamp fault (on) < 75 % of nominal current
Traffic signal controller for conventional traffic signals
Type t/SIG-1-230-G100
Channels 1
Lamps Glühlampen 100 W
Dimmable Nein
Operating voltage 230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Nominal current 435 mA per channel at 100 W
Lamp fault (on) < 75 % of nominal current
Lamp fault (off) > 30 mA or > 3 V against N

The versions stated above are examples. The traffic light controllers are available for traffic signals with 1, 2 or 3 channels and can be customised for different operational voltages and currents.

Control unit (integrated on PCB)
Operational voltage 24 VDC ± 10 %
max. 150 mA
Control inputs 1 per channel, 24 VDC, max. 2 mA
State outputs 1 per channel, 24 VDC, max. 50 mA
Mechanical details
PCB with front panel und multipoint connector suitable for 19-inch rack
PCB dimensions Eurocard, 160 x 100 mm
Width 8 TE (40,3 mm)
Height 3 HE (129 mm)
Depth 190 mm gesamt
DIN 41612 Bauform H7/F24
Weight 300 g
Electrical standards 2006/95/EC Low voltage directive (LVD)
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
ÖVE EN 60065


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Product info EN (PDF, 403 kB)