5th German Tunnel Congress (ITS)

Lecture ‘Digitalization of Tunnel Ventilation Using the Example of the Tunnel Digitalization Center Hagerbach’ (René Jung, Özcan Celebi and Veronika Petschen), 26th April 2023 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria/Germany). Foto: JES

At the same time as the ISTSS Congress in Stavanger, the 5th German Tunnel Congress took place this year in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For JES not only an almost traditional must-attend event, but also always a joyful reunion with old acquaintances, long-time partners and customers as well as the opportunity to establish new partnerships and customer relationships.

With the joint presentation ‘Digitalization of Tunnel Ventilation Using the Example of the Tunnel Digitalization Center Hagerbach’ by Veronika Petschen (SCAUT), Özcan Celebi (Siemens AG) and René Jung (JES), there was also a fitting opportunity here to present a successful partnership on the topic of ‘digital tunnel’.

With the smart/sensors and the entire smart/architecture of JES, the Tunnel Digitalization Center (TDC) and its consortium partners found the appropriate sensor supplier for the present and future topic of digitalization in 2022. (see also news article JES at the Tunnel Digitalization Center). (see also news article JES at the Tunnel Digitalization Center)

Figure 1 (Integration and connectivity options of the JES smart/architecture into the SIEMENS digital infrastructure).

In turn, JES found in TDC an ideal development, test and demonstration environment for all integration and interface topics for its next-generation product solutions. Whether for IoT-enabled networks, analog retrofit applications or digital complete integration as well es for simulation of the tunnel operations of the devices, everything is possible there and everything is possible with JES’ smart/sensors.

Figure 2 (Further integration and connection possibilities of the JES smart/architecture in the SIEMENS digital infrastructure).

Presenting this in a joint presentation with the partners from TDC was a pleasure for René Jung and JES. We are also already looking forward to all upcoming events in 2023. After the participation in the BAST and the 5th DTK in April and the currently already ongoing preparations for our tunnel symposium in Linz this year (5/6 of October 2023), we are also looking forward to the participation in the exchange of experience of GRIMM Aerosol Technik in Ainring (23/24 of May 2023) and the two international partner events of the DURAG Group in Hamburg and Bangkok on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of DURAG DURAG in June and September 2023.

I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events or at any other opportunity that may arise in the near and distant future!?

Further information: www.tunnelkongress2023.de