Pelješac – every big bridge is followed by a tunnel

Pelješac Bridge

Pelješac Bridge, July 2022. Credits: NABLAplus

With the opening of the new Pelješac Bridge on July 26, 2022, the largest Croatian infrastructure project in the country’s history was completed. The bridge enables a continuous road connection from the southern end of the Croatian coast to the heartland.

The new transport connection should save up to 2 hours of time from Zagreb to Dubrovnik for all travellers. So far, the journey was only possible via the Bosnian corridor near Neum and thus led across two EU external borders, which demands corresponding customs and passport controls.

Driving over the Pelješac peninsula and the new bridge also means driving through four tunnels, which, equipped with JES t/LUM luminance meters, also form part of the new traffic route.

Besides Pelješac since June 2022, new measuring devices from JES have been ensuring safe tunnel operation on the entire stretch of motorway from Zagreb to Rijeka and vice versa in the twelve tunnels on the ‘Autoceste’. As part of a large-scale tunnel renovation project, JES sensors were implemented in the existing technical tunnel infrastructure from March to June 2022. The challenges of integrating new sensors into the existing wiring and switchgear were successfully mastered as part of this major order before the summer tourist traffic. Many thanks to our Croatian partner NABLAplus for the good cooperation.

Visibility and air flow measurements are the JES contribution for a safe journey to the sea and thus also an ‘invisible’ benefit for all holidaymakers who want to spend the summer on the Croatian Adriatic.

The four tunnels on Pelješac also remain invisible, hidden in the shadow of the large bridge, but as an important component on the now limitless road ‘down’ to Dubrovnik.

JES Equipment:

t/LUM luminance meter

w/MOR visibility monitoring

t/FL-US air flow detection

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