Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg to be equipped by JES

Göta Älv at the location where undercrossed by Marieholm Tunnel

The Marieholm Tunnel is an immersed tube tunnel crossing underneath the Göta Älv in Gothenburg (Sweden). The new tunnel currently under construction will relieve pressure on the congested Tingsta Tunnel and improve the connection between the Port of Gothenburg and the industries of Hisingen. JES will equip the Marieholm Tunnel with air flow and NO2 sensors. The tunnel is expected to open in 2020.

The Gothenburg region has more than half a million inhabitants in its urban area and approximately one million in Greater Gothenburg. 70 per cent of the Scandinavia’s total industrial capacity is located within a 500-kilometre radius.

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region, with approximately 11,000 vessels calling at the port every year. Gothenburg is one of the fastest growing regions in Northern Europe. The city urgently needs new river crossings since the current crossings are vulnerable and overloaded. In addition, the amount of rail freight is steadily increasing.

The Marieholm Connection project consists of the Partihall Intersection, the Marieholm Tunnel and the South Marieholm Bridge. The Marieholm tunnel is a road tunnel that is built under the Göta River, it will relieve the Tingstad tunnel and link the E6 with the E45 and the E20 via the Partihalls link. The tunnel reduces the vulnerability of the current road system while promoting road safety, the environment and regional development.

The about 500 m long Marieholm tunnel is being built as a 300 m long immersed tube tunnel joined by two about 100 m long cut-and-cover tunnels on either side of the Göta Elv. A total of three tunnel elements each with a length of 100 m were built on site in a dry dock and lowered at the final location into the excavated river bed. The tunnel sections adjoining the two sides of the immersed tube tunnel are currently constructed in deep excavation pits using the cut-and-cover method.

See the video from Trafikverket, the Swedish road authority, for more information about the construction of the Marieholm Tunnel.

The works are contracted to a joint venture of the STRABAG subsidiary Züblin and Boskalis. JES has been selected by STRABAG Sverige AB to deliver the air characteristics monitoring equipment consisting of 6 t/ECS-A NO2 sensors and 6 t/FL-US air flow monitoring systems.

Last Monday (13th May 2019) a JES delegation visited the site and were welcomed by STRABAG project manager Andreas Hix who gave them an interesting tour. “We are very excited to be part of this exceptional project which is part of our internationalisation strategy. It is also our first project in Sweden and our first immersed tunnel.”, says JES managing partner René Jung.