JES sensors for new tunnels in Bavaria

The Auberg Tunnel shortly opening for traffic will be one of a couple of new tunnels in Bavaria that will be equipped with sensors from JES. The 440 m long Auberg Tunnel relieves Altenmarkt an der Alz near the Chiemsee lake of heavy traffic now rolling through its centre.

The federal roads B299 and B304 interconnect in Altenmarkt an der Alz. The B299 is an important north-south axis in South-Eastern Bavaria part connecting the motorway A94 from Altötting to Altenmarkt leading into the Southbound part of the B304 which connects to the motorway A8 near Traunstein. Altenmarkt is located about half-way on this route between the two motorways. In its centre the B304 branches off westbound in direction to Munich. This junction is located right in the densely built centre of Altenmarkt. Crooked and badly observable for drivers it is an accident black spot in the region.

With over 15,000 vehicles daily the traffic load of the road through the centre became unbearable. The numerous industrial and commercial companies in the region contribute to a high share of HGVs.

Bypassing the centre and relieving the existing road network has long been considered. Now, with the opening of the Auberg Tunnel end of 2020 a part of the traffic problem has been solved. Altenmarkt will be relieved from heavy traffic.

The tender for the technical equipment of the Auberg Tunnel was won by OSMO-Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, which in turn relied on the quality and service of JES Elektrotechnik GmbH. Within a few years, JES Elektrotechnik GmbH has again equipped a tunnel for the client, the Traunstein State Building Authority / Autobahn Directorate South Bavaria.

In addition to the luminance meters t/LUM for lighting control, our order also included the sensors for the ventilation control consisting of

A thing to be pointed out is that the Auberg Tunnel is equipped with a differential pressure system for measuring the air flow. The client decided against the common ultrasonic air flow measurement and for a differential pressure measuring device because the area of Altenmark has a high population of bats. JES Elektrotechnik GmbH is the only manufacturer worldwide that has a differential pressure air flow meter in its product portfolio.

Two more project in Bavaria are already in our order books for 2021. We are looking forward!