Smoke detection – scattered light

Smoke detection allows a reliable and early detection of tunnel fires. An early detection is essential to maximise time for self-rescue.

Air in the tunnel flows through the sensor’s measuring chamber. The sensor then detects the intensity of light scattered by this sample. Thereby emerging fires can be detected at an early stage (cold smoke) long before fire alarm cables can detect the event. Individual thresholds can be set to trigger alarms or respectively the measured values can be used to do such in the tunnel control system.

Any influence caused by fog will be compensated by optional heating elements. The measurement is not affected by extraneous light, reflexes or other influences as is the case for video detection. Individual setting of parameters allows an optimal object and location related setting of alarms:

  • More time for self-rescue
  • No false alarms
  • Reduction of a possible damage to the object and of subsequent costs

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t/SMD Smoke detector

  • Mounting on wall, ceiling, false ceiling or integration in ventilation damper
  • Air supply through air flow in the tunnel
  • Visibility metering by scattered light
  • Optional heater to compensate fog
  • Connections boxes to connect to the tunnel control system either by
    • 4-20 mA / 2 relays
    • Profibus DP
  • Optional hand-held operating unit
  • Delivered ready for operation


Product info DE (PDF, 353 kB)
Product info EN (PDF, 353 kB)