Hard to Say Goodbye…


JES-TEAM and corporate management say goodbye to project manager Herbert Reisinger.

Project manager Herbert Reisinger is leaving JES for his well-deserved retirement after almost 30 years of service. JES would like to thank its long-time employee as an important part of the company’s success story.

When asked directly about this, Herbert Reisinger already admits that the melancholy actually seems greater than the anticipation of the coming new phase of life. Almost 30 years of service is almost half of the life of the trained electrician who has just turned 62. Born in Styria, he had already worked on international projects in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical installation before he joined JES in 1993, and he also had several years of experience in gourmet gastronomy. During an “after-work beer” with the entrepreneur Fred Jung, he found his long-standing field of activity in the tunnel safety business. In the newly founded JES company at this time, Herbert Reisinger not only became an integral part of a family company, but also part of its development history. Whether in the office or at the installation site, planning, preparing offers, project management and accounting was the daily business of the project manager from then on. All of this was always a responsible task.

Faith and quality as fundamental basis of success

Trustful cooperation with customers, clients and everyone involved in the projects was always important to Herbert Reisinger, despite all the professional distance. And he appreciates the mutual loyalty to JES: ‘It was also an almost family-like relationship with my colleagues, as a reliable basis that tunnel projects could often be successfully carried out under great stress.’ He also enjoys to look back to large-scale projects such as the Kaisermühlentunnel in Vienna, when all the installed devices performed their job faultlessly under the most difficult conditions during the final inspection. After finalization of large projects and the conclusion of big incoming orders some champagne corks has popped. Herbert also likes to remember that and the joint company outings.

The focus at JES on quality, persistence and sustainability has always made it easy for Herbert to identify with the company and its products. In return, you accept more difficult work phases and challenging customers if the support and the working atmosphere in the company are powerful and, above all, the product is convincing.

In addition to the tunnel business, Herbert was also responsible as a project manager for the handling of the garage business and for the planning and sale of CO warning systems. And here, too, there are one or two highlights that Herbert likes to remember, e.g. the equipment in the garage at Red Bull’s headquarters or the parking garage of the Salzburg football stadium of long-time champions Red Bull Salzburg, where even top international clubs like Bayern Munich may lose from time to time.

New targets are defined

With part-time work (60%), Herbert has been slowly preparing for his departure over the last few years. Thus he is not completely unprepared. “Put your body in shape” is now one of the declared goals, says the passionate cyclist, who will now find more time for his hobby and has already defined a small, new project with the “renovation” of his parents’ house in Styria. He will miss dealing with customers, he already knows that, also he will miss the new company building, where he enjoyed the great atmosphere and the good indoor climate.

He wishes his colleagues and JES all the best. JES should remain successful and become even more successful, and with René Jung as the director, he sees great potential for further internationalization of the business. As part of the DURAG Group, important prerequisites have already been created here.

Nevertheless, in his opinion, despite all the growth, JES should also retain its location-related “family” structure and mentality, which also includes a core of long-standing employees, as a good basis for a loyal and trusting cooperation. Herbert advises his two sons that this loyalty pays off in today’s fast-moving world – for the employees as well as for the company. Because all change requires a healthy foundation and should not be built on sand.

JES thanks Herbert for all the years and wishes him all the best!

Installing cables.

All beginnings are difficult. Installing cables in the 90s. Herbert as a part of a pulling troop.

Kaisermühlentunnel in Vienna.

Kaisermühlentunnel in Vienna. Herbert in the middle of his JES colleagues.